Brighton beachfront is a buzzing playground of swimming, surfing, sailing, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding and lots more.

Away from the water there are plenty of spectator sports – enjoy a day at Brighton Races or a night at Brighton Greyhound stadium. Or take a Brighton Walks tour – a Ghost Walk or Legends of the Lanes – or one of our great, simple to use audio walking tours from Tourist Tracks.

The rolling South Downs are great for walking and cycling, and all year round there are hundreds of events from the famous London to Brighton RAC Veteran Car Run and National Speed Trials, to power boat racing and kite festivals.

As soon as the sun goes down Brighton’s nightlife gets going. From dusk to dawn, seven days a week, the city is alive with theatre goers, film enthusiasts, dancers, clubbers and party animals.

There’s a huge range of entertainment venues

Catch one of the latest bands at a Brighton city centre pub or try one of Brighton’s coolest clubs on the south-coast.


Brighton is rapidly becoming one of Englands most desirable locations to visit with countless activities and locations to view. Brighton has become world renowned as one of the most popular places to visit inside the UK, with countless tourist attractions to experience such as the iconic Ferris wheel or perhaps the amusement filled pier, filled to the brim with fun amusement rides and games.

Brighton Beaches

Brighton is renowned for fantastic beaches with every single beach having its own characteristic and unique flavour. The stony beaches and blue sea is the perfect setting for a relaxed day out with the family, or perhaps an adrenaline filled a day with some water sports ranging from scuba diving to wakeboarding.

Brighton as a stag destination

Brighton is well known for its one-day retreats, and family get away’s. However, Brighton can also be used/ is seen as one of the most popular stag retreats in the country. The streets of Brighton give stags everything they may need, and could possibly expect from a stag weekend. Brighton offers stags paintballing to zorb football to comedy clubs to lap dance venues. The nightlife is world renowned and offers a unique experience with your closest mates until the wedding bells ring.

Brighton Nightlife

The nightlife in Brighton is world renowned and well worth exploring, with enough clubs to satisfy most party needs, meaning your biggest problem will be trying to choose where to go. The Brighton streets are filled to the brim with endless bars and clubs, all with unique and custom experiences. Therefore no matter if you’re after a fun and chilled drink by the seaside or a heavy session on the strip, Brighton will have you covered. Brighton also contains countless comedy clubs and live band sessions, meaning no matter the occasion you will not go home disappointed.


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